Important Information

Counsellors Online is a member of the British Association for Counsellors & Psychotherapists (BACP) and bound by the ethical codes of practice set out by them, these can be found on their website.

We keep only minimal notes which are only identifiable to the Counsellor with no names or identifying features.

After your time together has ended any notes will be kept securely and in accordance with guidelines. Any notes and or information gleaned from your sessions together are in confidence and can only be revealed with your written consent unless a disclosure in law is made.

Anything you say is confidential to a point, that point is, if you are to tell the Counsellor that you or another human being is in imminent danger of serious harm, any act of terrorism or money laundering. If this situation was to occur, the Counsellor would always try to speak with you first, but is bound to inform the relevant authority.

We do share aspects of work with a clinical supervisor, however you remain anonymous and no identifying feature will be mentioned.

It may become apparent to one or both parties that our work together needs to be referred to a more specialist agency, especially if the Counsellor believes they do not have the professional training or experience in your area of need. If this situation was to arise we would initially speak to you and share any information with you regards any referral.

Each counselling session will last 50 minutes and start and end on time. We will have pre agreed a time at our initial or last meeting .

Counselling cannot take place if you are under the influence of alcohol and certain types of mind altering drugs.

If you are late for any session, the session will end at the pre agreed time and full payment will be required. In the event of you needing to cancel/rearrange any appointment you can email (24 hours notice needed or full payment will be due)

In the event of any technical issues with regards to online counselling and any internet connection or Skype failures, please be advised if we cannot connect back with you within 10 minutes, we will check your well being via the contact number you may have provided if the Counsellor believes it necesarry. If any technical problems occur early on in the session that cannot be resolved in time for us to continue with the unfinished session then the session will be rearranged for another time and date.

Other than your Therapeutic Counselling Relationship, the Counsellor shall have no other purposeful contact outside of counselling in the interest of the work we are doing together.

By making an appointment with Counsellors Online I confirm I have read and understand the above information.​